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Take a rough diamond for example. It is never mounted into jewellery unless polished. And there are no half-polished diamonds in jewellery. A diamond is polished until its complete true brilliance is not achieved. This then forms the parameters for its price and sales. The diamond is sold for what it truly is. Just as bringing forth the truth [...]

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  We at SRDC India are thrilled to be working upon a new initiative which ultimately builds a highly talented pool of professionals for the gem and jewellery industry. Recently, SRDC India joined hands with HRD Antwerp, to offer a ‘Diamond Practical Workshop’ to those keen on increasing their knowledge about diamonds and grading skills. This is probably one of the very [...]

We Push Talent By Recruiting It!

Being a part of the gem and jewellery industry weaves many stories. While some may want to be jewellery designers, others find purpose as sorters, or polishers; the list is endless. There is a common aspiration behind each – that of achieving self growth and contributing towards industry growth. Unfortunately, these beliefs are challenged at the point of recruitment. [...]

The Agents of Change Are Ready For You…

Pride and confidence are probably the two words to best describe feelings of SRDC students attending their Convocation Ceremony in South Mumbai, on 7th February, 2018. The Guests of Honor at the event included Mrs. Fionika Sanghvi - Principal SPJ Sadhana School, Mrs. Tejal Kothari - Head of Skill Advancement at SPJ Sadhana School, Mr. Hemant Thaker – Founder, Allyours [...]

How Knowledgeable Does a Click Make You?

Yes, the internet is an endless pool of information, but it is amazing to know how technology has brought the mentor-student relationship online. It has been a boon to talent, creating niche demand and supply opportunities too! We at SRDC are applying this to the maximum benefit of all keen learners, anywhere, anytime. Today, we have eight online courses [...]

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Industry Compliments Our Edge i.e. Our Work

Over the years, industry leaders from the gem and jewellery sector have encouraged us with their kind words of appreciation. Each time we hear a good word, it reminds us there is no time to sit back, rather to move ahead at greater speed. Words by Shree Navinchandra Mehta - D. Navinchandra Exports Pvt. Ltd. resonate even today, [...]