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Old Divides and New Unites

Notwithstanding the making process, FTC issues a new guideline that Lab Grown Diamonds are diamonds too and discerns no difference in ‘mined’ or ‘grown’ diamonds. Use of the term ‘Synthetics’, as practised by mining companies and some traders in the diamond industry, to imply that Lab-grown diamonds are not actual diamonds, is also termed as deceptive.   The FTC’s previous [...]

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The Big Switch!

SRDC, one of India’s premier gemological institutes officially announced its rebranding as IIG (International Institute of Gemology) at a grand ceremony on July 19. To mark this proud milestone, Mr Ramnikbhai Shah, founder of leading diamond manufacturing house Venus Jewel and Mr Arvindbhai Parikh, MD and founding partner of Crystal Diamonds inaugurated IIG’s new institute in Panchratna Building, Opera House. [...]

Packing Pen, Paper and Dreams to Surat

The April summer heat was no match for goosebumps and curiosity bubbling within to meet diamond leaders one-on-one and to see the making of a diamond, personally. Such was the mood of SRDC students on their two-day visit to Surat’s diamond market on April 13th and 14th. The outcome? A closer industry-student bond.  It was also the very first industry visit [...]

Rough Diamond Assortment? Experience This!

Deep sea divers have time and again presented breathtaking images of the world under the blue waters. The deeper they dive their discoveries and amazing experiences never fail to astound. Knowledge in the diamond industry too is like deep diving. The deeper you study, you bear more fruit. Rough Diamond Assortment can be a skill learnt in depth too. We at [...]

Walking Through the Market

How does it all happen? What is the best practice? ... SRDC organized an industry visit for its students to Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. and Bharat Diamond Bourse to better understand the market and its functions beyond the classroom knowledge of a diamond as a product. The visits were held on 17th March, 2018. Visiting HARI KRISHNA EXPORTS PVT. LTD. students [...]


Take a rough diamond for example. It is never mounted into jewellery unless polished. And there are no half-polished diamonds in jewellery. A diamond is polished until its complete true brilliance is not achieved. This then forms the parameters for its price and sales. The diamond is sold for what it truly is. Just as bringing forth the truth [...]

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