SRDC Interprets Knowledge as Self-Transformation

SRDC Interprets Knowledge as Self-Transformation

If Knowledge is Power, can it empower anything and everything? A befitting answer would probably lie in seeing the change. One such example of change is of mentally challenged students being trained by SRDC to ultimately work and become assets within the organized set up of the gem and jewellery sector. SRDC aims to enable anyone realizes their own potential within a crowd of stereotypes.

The Institute trains these students as an honorary initiative at the SPJ Sadhana School in Mumbai. The training helps such differently-abled students realize their skills. Students are familiarized with the gemstones and their differences, just as a student Saurabh Vanigota says his ‘favorite gemstone is Yellow Sapphire’. SRDC undertakes to place these students within reputed organizations of the industry. Thus, SRDC implements CSR in a new avatar.

Overall, SRDC believes knowledge can self-empower anyone if it is directed and shared well. It has always encouraged engaging with students across interests and backgrounds, be it the under-15’s or the aspiring professionals or the uniquely challenged. It’s facilities of EMIs and discounts to pay fee help students in pursuing their goal. The focus is only to impart quality education that makes a difference in the lives of everyone, to be independent and to be a change for the industry.

Two years ago, SRDC launched the SRDC Scholarship Program (SSP) to assist deserving students having financial difficulty with part of full Scholarship for deserving students. The Institute’s SSP drive has moved ahead with industry support since its beginnings.

The first support came from Shri. Navinkaka – D. Navinchandra Exports Pvt. Ltd., a pioneering company in the gem and jewellery sector, and was soon followed suit by other major players of the industry.

Such voluntary action towards a more valued development in the industry is what SRDC believes can drive a bigger and better change. SRDC Institute looks forward to more companies to step in to fund its education at Sadhana School and help give new avenues to such students, thus connecting with CSR in a niche manner.

In its move to pioneer education for the gem and jewellery sector, SRDC moves beyond clichés in driving true transformation.


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