It’s a Thumbs Up for Practical Understanding of Design!

It’s a Thumbs Up for Practical Understanding of Design!

The gem and jewellery industry is probably one such unique sector where experiences matter a thousand times more than jargon. This was also what students of Jewellery Design course at SRDC took back with them after their recent visit to H.K. Jewels Pvt. Ltd. in the gem and jewellery hub at SEEPZ, Andheri in Mumbai. It was an exciting moment for them to get answers to many queries about the practical application of what they read and study at the Institute.

SRDC deems it necessary to expose its students to the practical side of learning as it believes one cannot advance much without the same. To do so, it organises student visits to company sites rather than settling only for networking with industry experts at the Institute. This practical knowledge assists students to be more aware and abreast of the latest happenings in the industry. SRDC chose to take its students to experience the latest jewellery design and manufacturing processes at a leading company – H.K. Jewels Pvt Ltd.

DESIGN with a Leading Company, Latest Processes 

It was worthwhile, spending the dedicated quality time to view every aspect of the manufacturing process in detail, as it enhanced the understanding. Students were greeted with a warm welcome by the staff and were guided through the facility, beginning with Unity Jewels, followed by Imperial Jewels. H.K. Jewels have four companies in SEEPZ.

Starting off with moulding, students were familiarised with wax injection, different diamonds, wax setting, tree marking, cutting and grinding, pre-polish, hand-setting, polish and rhodium. The visit gave insights into efforts that go into building not only a facility or a product but also a brand name.

Students eagerly observing rhodium process at HK Jewels.

Mr. Mukesh Vora explaining company’s marketing policies.



The Steps – Jewellery Mfg. Process.

EXPERT TALK: Practical Knowledge is Important

Mr. Parag Shah, Director at H.K. Jewels said that, “We welcome these bright minds to our facility. It is encouraging to know their deep interest in this sector. I hope with this visit the students learn that as much as design is a creative concept it is also very much practical. One has to learn the intricacies of manufacturing to actually know how to create something to the taste of a consumer. One must bridge the gap between theory and practical aspects with such market/factory visits. Students must spend time in gaining practical knowledge.”

The entire visit was an eye-opener for the students to learn not only about what is being practised but also could get some preliminary instincts of how they would like to see themselves grow within this industry.


SRDC conducts its courses with the confidence that theory and practicality sum up a complete education. To know more visit

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