Yangon Discovers the Next Vision Beyond 4C’s

Yangon Discovers the Next Vision Beyond 4C’s

SRDC, (Shreeji Rajendra Diamond Classes) a pioneering educational institute within the field of gems and jewellery is presenting the jewellery fraternity of Yangon, Burma with a new outlook to diamonds in its seminar – Know Your Diamond Beyond 4C’s. The seminar was organised by Aung Thiri Diamonds, Yangon on 9th December 2017 at Asia Plaza Hotel.

The current pace of the industry is fast, with new developments both micro and macro affecting it in many ways. SRDC brings insights to the seminar for one to connect with the changing face of the industry. Through the seminar, SRDC is delivering a deeper connection with diamonds, through awareness of many other factors that relate to doing a business with diamonds today.

The seminar centres around a knowledge of differentiation between natural and man-made diamonds, diamond terminologies like the fracture, crystal, star, melee, pinpointers, sieving, and gauging, and more. One of the key differentiating factors of attending an SRDC seminar is an all-round understanding of the subject. Also, a question-answer session gives an open platform for networking and insights.

This is the second SRDC seminar in Burma, the first being held in August 2017 in Mandalay. It was a success, drawing around 600 jewellers and jewellery enthusiasts to learn more about diamonds and saw an encouraging media coverage. The participants expressed a desire to attend additional practical workshops by SRDC in the future.

Now, as SRDC steps into Yangon, it hopes to stir greater enthusiasm among jewellers to uncover the many amazing mysteries of a diamond.


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