The Agents of Change Are Ready For You…

The Agents of Change Are Ready For You…

Pride and confidence are probably the two words to best describe feelings of SRDC students attending their Convocation Ceremony in South Mumbai, on 7th February, 2018. The Guests of Honor at the event included Mrs. Fionika Sanghvi – Principal SPJ Sadhana School, Mrs. Tejal Kothari – Head of Skill Advancement at SPJ Sadhana School, Mr. Hemant Thaker – Founder, Allyours Jewel and Mr. Nirav Pandya – Co-Founder, DiamApp.

It is interesting to see that a student today seeks to be a catalyst for growth. And industry change can come in any form – from being more open to employ trained mentally challenged students, taking the unconventional marketing route, being open-minded about recruitment to design and product development, there is a lot to explore. There is a lot of opportunity and talent to facilitate this change and SRDC is proud to present it to the industry.

A total of 45 students celebrated their graduation in various courses including: Diamond Training Course (DTC), Polished Diamond Grading (PDG), Advanced Diamond Grading (ADG), Diamond Graduate (DG), Jewellery Designing Level 1 & 2, Rough Diamond Assortment (RDA) and in University Recognized Programs for Polished Diamond Grading & Corporate Chinese Course. This is the Institute’s 24th Convocation Ceremony.

On the occasion, Mrs. Fionika Sanghvi motivated the students with her inspirational speech. Mr. Hemant Thaker presented an insight into the diamond industry and shared his life’s journey through the industry, to give an understanding of how a student must bridge the gap between the Institute Education and real market study.

Students were also made familiar with the development of technology within the industry, as Mr. Nirav Pandya explained his unique Mobile Application – DiamApp, its functions and how it proves to be a very useful tool for today’s online marketing scenario, bringing buyers and sellers at the same place through DiamApp.

Among this exchange of ideas was the announcement of SRDC’s bold move of joining hands with Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification – HRD Antwerp. Together the two Institute’s will provide a Joint Practical Workshop for a Week between 20-24 February 2018.

SRDC adopts a rather unique approach to training, including theoretical, practical training as well as a complete awareness about the industry, the markets and soft skills suited to the industry. The student who graduates is not just aware but knowledgeable and more confident.

The afternoon was abuzz with students sharing their visions of growth. The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Mr. Rahul Desai, Director, SRDC. In his speech, Mr. Desai also addressed the students that, “It has been our privilege at SRDC to train students like you who seek to achieve big dreams. We look forward to your success and wish you all the best.”

So, whether one will set one’s own shop, join a family business or be part of a conglomerate, one thing is certain that the industry can see more enthusiasm, curiosity and development in the days ahead.

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