Take a rough diamond for example. It is never mounted into jewellery unless polished. And there are no half-polished diamonds in jewellery. A diamond is polished until its complete true brilliance is not achieved. This then forms the parameters for its price and sales. The diamond is sold for what it truly is.

Just as bringing forth the truth in a diamond is practiced in the industry, the element of trust formed a significant criteria for business transactions in the gem and jewellery industry. Trust has remained the lifeline of the industry and also its unique characteristic across the pipeline, from mining, trading, manufacturing, to retail.

In the earlier days, trust was practiced through word of mouth, which ruled for decades. As business began to expand, it led to increased competition and global consumption. Along with the word of mouth came the need for standards. So today, we have certificates, hallmarking, diamond inscriptions to name a few. Terms like ‘Responsibly Sourced’, ‘Sustainable Jewellery, ‘Conflict Free’ support in modern times this flow of trust in the industry.

While we at SRDC train students in the fields of diamonds, gemstones, jewellery, we find it imperative to groom them into the spirit of the industry – TRANSPARENCY AND TRUST (FAITH.) We teach students how to develop and sustain the TRUST they have earned. In recent times, there have been stark incidents of leading names of the industry who have tampered with this spirit and fled the country with major financial frauds. Such instances are a disappointment. Through our talks and training sessions, we inspire our students to seek “ETHICS” in their work to keep alive the preciousness of working with ‘Nature’s Miracle’.


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