Rough Diamond Assortment? Experience This!

Rough Diamond Assortment? Experience This!

Deep sea divers have time and again presented breathtaking images of the world under the blue waters. The deeper they dive their discoveries and amazing experiences never fail to astound. Knowledge in the diamond industry too is like deep diving. The deeper you study, you bear more fruit. Rough Diamond Assortment can be a skill learnt in depth too. We at SRDC value skills and nurture it in our students. We teach the rough diamond assortment course with an intense experiential training approach.

SRDC is the only institute in India which adopts a comprehensive and practical teaching method for rough diamonds. And we do so wholeheartedly and thoroughly! 

It begins with introducing the students to the world of rough diamonds by allowing them to physically hold the pieces. These diamonds come from different origins. Students are given close to 100 pieces of diamonds to sort, examine and work with a Rough Diamond Assortment kit along with study material. Not to forget, aspects of polished diamonds and machinery are used extensively to convert a rough into polished. These are better explained and demonstrated with visits to cut and polish diamond factories.

SRDC is all about finesse and details, for here is where we see perfection. We hold discussions on matters as simple yet important as work jackets and vests worn by graders and assorters, to broader subjects such as market behaviours etc. Rough Diamond Assortment at SRDC is a skill that can be acquired by anyone whether with an industry background or not. We have trained students of varied backgrounds across India and countries like Somalia, U.S. and Botswana, so far. 

Being a business course, our student can look forward to beginning one’s own venture within a span of 2 years of working and applying skills. Transforming rough diamonds to polished is evidently an integral part of the Indian gem and jewellery industry, considering that there are over 30 Indian companies as DTC sightholders. SRDC also touches upon the practical knowledge of this practice.


Rough Diamond Assortment is a path that can be both fulfilling and ambitious, with a finer and more in-depth understanding of the subject.


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